Plant Based Chicken: A Delicious and Sustainable Alternative

Plant Based Chicken: A Delicious and Sustainable Alternative

The popularity of plant-based eating continues to rise and one of the exciting growth in the world of plant based cuisine is the rise of the plant based chicken. This innovation is the best alternative to those who are seeking a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative way of eating meat, without compromising the taste. In this article, we will look into the world of plant-based chicken, explaining what it is, how it matters to the environment and how you can start enjoying it at your own dining table or restaurants. 

So, Let’s get started!!

What is plant-based chicken?

Plant based Chicken , is also known as vegan chicken or Mock chicken, which is the most healthy substitute of chicken. It's entirely made with plants which exactly mimic taste and texture and 80% of the appearance just without bones. 

These innovative  products have been created using the ingredients of plant-based protein, such as Soya bean, Peas, wheat, jackfruit and many other plant based ingredients, to replicate the  full-proof experience of animal-based chicken. 

Plant based chicken comes in different types of food form, including biryani, Kabab, Patties, Tandoori, nuggets and many more, (You try plant-based chicken from Mister Veg) providing a wide range of options that you can enjoy to the fullest. 

Why Plant Based Chicken Matters a lot to the environment? 

Certainly!  Here are  few thing that why plant based chicken matters a lot to the environment:

1. Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions:  Do you know?  How much chicken farming emits greenhouse gas? Raising chicken for meat needs resources like, fodder, water  and energy which contributes to deforestation and land degradation.  So, that is why plant based chicken production lowers the risks of climate change and carbon footprint.

2. Conservation of Natural resources: Do you know? How much poultry farming needs land, water and other natural resources? Animal agriculture needs intensive resources, with large amounts of land, water and other resources which is leading to many environmental crises. By choosing  plant based chicken options, we can conserve these natural resources very easily.

3. Protection of Biodiversity: Traditional chicken production can contribute to biodiversity loss through deforestation and habitat destruction. Plant based chicken production, on the other hand, does not rely on raising animals for meat and can help protect biodiversity by reducing the demand for animal-derived ingredients.

4. Reduce Water Pollution: You Know, Chicken farming takes almost 600 to 800 gallons of water per year, which is associated with water pollution, like runoff of animal waste and excessive use of antibiotics and chemicals. But here, plant-based chicken production needs only 53 gallons of water which is 90% less than what is needed in animal farming. This helps reduce the stain of the water resources and protect aquatic ecosystems.

5. Conservation of water Resources: In general, plant based chicken production uses less water than conventional chicken production. Large volumes of water are needed for drinking, washing, and processing while raising animals for meat. Production of chicken from plants can lessen the impact on water supplies, which is crucial in places where water is scarce.

6. Ethical treatment of the animal: By eliminating the need to raise and kill animals, plant based chicken lessens the misery that chickens endure during the food production process. This supports a more empathetic attitude to food consumption and is consistent with ethical concerns regarding animal welfare.

In Short, selecting plant based chicken can benefit the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, saving natural resources, preserving biodiversity, cutting down on water pollution, preserving water supplies, and boosting animal welfare. We can support a more ethical and ecological food system by including plant-based chicken in our meals.

How You Can Enjoy Plant Based Chicken?

You can enjoy plant based chicken in many ways: 

1. Experiment with different recipes

Similar to regular chicken, plant based chicken may be used in a number of dishes. Consider marinating it, flavoring it with your preferred spices, or using it into salads, tacos, stir-fries, and curries. Investigate novel flavors and textures in the kitchen by being inventive.

  • Trying Different types: 
  • Similar to Mister Veg, there are several brands and varieties of plant based chicken available on the market, including nuggets, tenders, cutlets, strips, and ground. Try out several brands and varieties to see which ones best fit your culinary preferences and palate.

  • Can Be Cooked In different ways: 
  • Cooking methods for plant based chicken include baking, grilling, frying, and sautéing. For the best results, always follow the cooking directions on the package as cooking times and techniques might vary. Avoid overcooking since vegan chicken might turn dry if cooked for an excessively long time.

  • Companion to different sides: 
  • You may serve a number of delectable sides with plant based chicken. To make a balanced and fulfilling dinner, serve it with your preferred veggies, grains, and sauces. For a satisfying and delectable plant-based lunch, try serving it with quinoa, rice, pasta, roasted veggies, or a crisp salad.

  • Make as per your likings:
  • You can customize plant based chicken to your preferences just as you can with regular chicken. To improve the flavour, mix with your favourite herbs, spices, sauces, or toppings. To make it even more delectable and pleasurable, you may additionally bread it, fill it, or top it with cheese or other ingredients.

  • Sharing is Caring: 
  • Particularly if they are unfamiliar with plant-based eating, friends and family could enjoy some plant based chicken. Invite people over for a dinner party, picnic or potluck to learn about this delicious and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional chicken.

  • New source of protein: 
  • One of the various sources of plant-based protein available is vegan chicken. To spice up your plant-based meals and experience various textures and flavours, look into alternative possibilities like tofu, tempeh, beans, seitan, and lentils.


    Anyone seeking an alternative to traditional chicken should consider plant based chicken. It's also significantly tastier, healthier, and more ecologically friendly. There are several ways to enjoy plant based chicken: Try out several sorts, experiment with new recipes, and prepare food according to your tastes. It is also delicious served as a side dish with rice or veggies. Simply because you're preparing meals using only plants doesn't mean you have to stop serving chicken at your dinner table. Just remember to bring along some ordinary chicken as well!

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