Fun Facts: Afghani Chicken Tikka

Fun Facts: Afghani Chicken Tikka


Unquestionably, one of India's favourite Mughalai recipes is Afghani Chicken Tikka. Regardless of the situation, we all find it to be a delicious treat. However, as Indians, we hold our religious celebrations in the utmost regard, and eating meat at these times is regarded as sacred. So, when we crave something more substantial, we are frequently left with uninspired and unsatisfying vegetarian options. These are the moments when we long for the flavorful texture of meat but are unable to locate a suitable substitute that satisfies our palates. That is why we acquire options like plant-based Afghani Chicken Tikka, nuggets, fishless fingers, butter chicken, and many other options. But before we go to tell you fun facts about Veg Afghani Chicken Tikka, we will tell you some humorous facts about traditional Afghani Chicken Tikka.

Fun Facts:

  1. Some believe that "Chicken Tikka" was invented by a Bangladeshi chef in Europe, and some say chef Akbar overcooked the chicken and it tasted so good that day that chicken tikka was born.
  2. Chicken Tikka is so popular among British-Indian artists that Raxstar made a rap on it!
  3. The word "tikka" means "bits" or "pieces", referring to small chunks of chicken used in dishes.
  4. In Afghanistan, a yoghurt sauce called "maast-o-khiar" is frequently offered on the side with chicken tikka. The yoghurt, shredded cucumber, garlic, and mint in this sauce provide a cooling contrast to the hot chicken.
  5. Some people think that chicken tikka was first a street cuisine that was offered in Indian marketplaces before becoming famous in homes and restaurants.
  6. Even Afghani Chicken Tikka  and Chicken Tikka are also made with plant-based meat, so vegans or recently switched vegans can enjoy the same tastes as the traditional ones.
  7. Plant-Based Afghani or Chicken Tikka Doesn't need animal meat for preparation; they only need tofu, tempeh, seitan, or veggies like mushrooms, potatoes, or paneer to make it.
  8. The Afghani Chicken Tikka Recipe calls for a tantalising mélange of chicken or plant-based meat that is marinated in a scrumptious blend of herbs, spices, yoghurt, or non-dairy yoghurt, creating a burst of strong and bright flavours in every mouthful.
  9. Do you know?? Afghani Tikka is equally rich and  healthy, especially when it is plant-based or made with good and quality ingredients. 

 We are sharing this blog because we find that talking from the roots can help you imagine the magic of this dish, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Try Mister Veg Afghani Chik’n Tikka, which is made with plants and magic.


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